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No one is interested in a slow, outdated phone, one that drains your battery and uses all your data. Nor does anyone have the time to go in to a store to get a new app added to their phone.

Why does having a kosher phone have to be such a burden?

Not anymore. We strive to make sure you get a premium kosher phone experience. Using special technology, we give you the newest, fastest phones, with the user experience you’d expect from a regular smartphone. All app and feature requests are done remotely, of course. Oh, and did we mention it costs only $5 a month?

Frequently Asked Questions

kPhone is the first ever kosher phone that provides you all the features you’d expect out of a regular smartphone (including speed, functionality, and looks), while still allowing you to maintain the level of kashrus that you hold yourself to. 

We only sell iPhones, and iPhones only (sorry, android users 😏) as we have found that the operation system allows for us to create a phone that is 100% secure, while still retaining a perfect user experience. Your iPhone will come preloaded with our software. you can find these phones on our store here.

As we offer many different models of iPhones, our prices range from $140 to $900+. We have all iPhones from the iPhone SE to the iPhone XR.

Additionally, there is a 5$ monthly fee, which allows us to manage your kPhone properly. Included in this fee are app requests, technical support, and anything else you may need to make sure your kPhone is 100% the way you want it.

We pride ourselves as being the cheapest kosher phone on the market. We feel that kosher phones should be affordable for everyone, and it is our mission to make that happen!

And if you decide you don’t want the kPhone service anymore, no problem! We remove it remotely, and you stop paying the monthly fee. 

Unfortunately, we are not offering that at the moment, but we do hope to offer that for you very soon!

Please send us an email/whatsappand we will let you know when we can do that for you.


We offer different levels, each with different levels of filtering. We range from “mehadrin”, which has very few apps on it, to “flexible”, which allows more, for those who need it. We also offer anything in between! Anything you need, wheather it is Whatsapp, Uber, Siddur, etc.  We work with you; anything you want can be done.

And of course, all levels, app requests, and features are all included in the $5 a fee. No paying for new apps!

The levels can be found below.

No problem! There is an app on each phone that you can use to make app and feature requests, as well as live chat with us. Our team is here to make sure you have access to anything you need. You can also call, text, or WhatsApp us at +1-83-38-KOSHER. We are here to help!

Our phones come GSM unlocked, so you can bring your own SIM card! We also offer a free SIM card from Mint Mobile, which has 3 months free for calling texting and data, and afterwards just 15$ a month.
More info on that can be found at mintmobile.com
But of course, that is just optional.

Please keep in mind this is completely optional, you can choose to use your current SIM card, or buy one from a different provider. The choice is yours!

No! We will deliver your phone to you. It will be ready to go out of the box. Our MDM tools allow us to make any updates, changes, or patches remotely. As long as your phone is connected and physically working, you will never need to bring your phone into a shop.

Not at all! As per Apple Privacy Policy, we do not have access to any of your personal information whatsoever. Please feel free to read about these policies yourself at this page above.

The Choice is Yours.

Created with you in mind,  kPhone has designed filter levels to best suit your needs. To hear more about these groups, as well as for the full app lists, please call/text/whatsapp/email us: +1-83-38-KOSHER/ [email protected]

**All of these apps can be added or removed upon request.

App List:









Voice Memos


Your Own Personal IT Department

When you buy one of our Kosher iPhones, you are also getting your own personal IT department. We help to make sure that your phone receives critical security updates automatically, that your filtering settings keep you and your family safe from the worst of the web, and we help troubleshoot any problems. Unlike many Kosher phones, when you need to make a change in your filter settings or you need a new app, you don’t need to take your phone into a brick and mortar store.

We are can take care of almost every software or filtering issue remotely, as long as your phone is connected to a WiFi or cellular network. Our phones are less expensive and more dependable than any other Kosher phones.

How it Works

  • Personalized filtering settings
  • No third-party software
  • iPhones updated remotely
  • Apps and settings installed and applied remotely
  • No fee to change filtering settings
  • All iPhones have same performance stats as standard models
  • Phones are secure
  • Perfect for schools, students, families, and individuals
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If you'd like to bring kPhone to your school, please send us a message via the "contact us" button on the side of the page. If we go through with it, you'll get $500!

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