Parents, We've Got Your Back

     Being parents ourselves, we know how challenging it can be to find the right filter for your child. We were frustrated that every filter we tried was either to expensive, to hard to figure out, or worse, not ”kosher” enough. The average child these days is very familiar with technology, and you can never tell when they are going behind your back.

     That is why we have completely redesigned the way smartphones filters work, specifically with parents like you in mind. No more having to constantly be on top of your childs filter to make sure its working the way its supposed to; We do that for you. The beauty of The Kosher Phone is that we use Apple’s native software to manage our phones. No more 3rd party “filters” that cause anguish for both you and your child. Because our software is by Apple, for Apple, you never have to worry that your child’s filter isn’t working properly. Furthermore, this allows us to handle everything remotely,  right down to which apps are allowed. You set which level of filtering you want your child to have, and we handle the rest. No need to constantly be checking up on your child’s device to make sure its managed properly, you can rely on us to handle everything. We strongly believe that our “set it and forget it” policy will give you the peace of mind to know your child is safe while still giving your child the ability to use technology the way they want to. We love it, and we know that you will too! 


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